Tour Schedule

July 22, 2014 – July 27, 2014

Discourse, music and meditation

21st July to 27th July : Art of Silence Course with Sri Sri

27th July to 2nd August: Art of Silence Course

25th July to 27th July – Happiness Program

27th July - 2nd August - ART Excel, YES and YES+! Courses in Maisach

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German center
Start: July 22, 2014
End: July 27, 2014
Venue: Art of Living European Center
Phone: 0049780497390
Bad Antogast, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

August 1, 2014 – August 26, 2014

Discourse, Music and Meditation

Art of Living International Center
Start: August 1, 2014
End: August 26, 2014
Venue: Art of Living International Center
21st km Kanakapura Road, Udaypura, Bangalore, Karnataka, 560082, India