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From depression to deep happiness

Once a gentleman came to a doctor complaining that there was something severely wrong with him. He was hurting all over and was very sad but all the tests came out normal. The doctor said, “There is nothing wrong with you. Go to the circus and watch the clown there. He will make you laugh.” The gentleman said, “Doctor, I am that clown.” It is one thing to entertain others and be humorous, but quite another to be happy yourself. Happiness does not come by a talent or skills that you develop....

Iraqis experience peace amidst turmoil

It’s hard to imagine the severity of suffering that people of Iraq have gone through over the years. The present uncertainty has only added to it. With current sectarian divides, the future looks precarious. Nobody feels safe in Iraq today. I am happy that since 2003 Art of Living is doing its bit to bring solace to Iraq. Last week, two of our volunteers Christoph Glaser and Mawahib al Shaibani ventured into Kurdistan and imparted training in leadership and peace building to 35 Members of Parliament. The...

Reflections on Prime Minister Modi’s swearing in ceremony

Rituals and ceremonies are inevitable in any public function. Man cannot live without ceremonies nor society can survive without one. Whether religious or secular, ceremonies are vital to human society. Having said that, India needs to move past the types of official ceremonies that are simply the lackluster, regimental remnants of the colonial era. One such event was Prime Minister Modi’s oath taking ceremony.